Russia escalates rhetoric on commercial satellites, calls them ‘legitimate targets for retaliation’
War in Ukraine shifts priorities among European government agencies
Pentagon: It’s up to SpaceX to decide what to do about Starlink in Ukraine
DoD eyeing options to provide satcom in Ukraine as it continues talks with SpaceX
Ukraine gains enhanced access to Iceye imagery and data
NASA criticizes Russia for using space station to promote invasion of Ukraine
Op-ed | Protecting Space Assets Above to Assert Geopolitical Dominance Below
On National Security | Drawing lessons from the first ‘commercial space war’
U.S. Space Force to step up protection of satellite ground systems in the wake of Russia’s cyber attacks
Connecting the Dots | Freeing speech from space: Satellite operators under pressure to squelch propaganda
DoD intelligence chief: U.S. made ‘gutsy decision’ to release sensitive imagery to counter Russia’s deception ops
Dixon calls for greater transparency and data interoperability
Halifax International raising funds to build imaging satellites for Ukraine
Space companies donate funds for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine
NRO plans for immediate and long-term acquisition of commercial satellite data
Russian invasion of Ukraine exposes cybersecurity threat to commercial satellites
Intelligence official says U.S. government is not micromanaging commercial imagery
Maxar eager to launch new satellites amid soaring demand for imagery over Ukraine
ESA continues talks with NASA on ExoMars cooperation
As Russia prepared to invade, U.S. opened commercial imagery pipeline to Ukraine

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