U.S. Space Command supports use of ‘responsive launch’ to deter China and Russia
U.S. Space Command creates new task force to coordinate space operations
Lawmakers press Air Force for final decision on U.S. Space Command
U.S. Space Command calls for investment in technologies for deep space missions
Schiess takes over U.S. Space Command’s coalition forces component
Tracking debris and space traffic a growing challenge for U.S. military
U.S. Space Command basing decision approaching final stretch
US-UK special relationship deepens in space
Air Force completes draft environmental review of U.S. Space Command candidate locations
GAO: U.S. Space Command basing decision process fell short on ‘transparency and credibility’
Air Force looking at next steps on Space Command basing decision
DoD inspector general finds nothing improper in U.S. Space Command basing decision
GAO completes investigation of the decision to relocate U.S. Space Command
U.S. Space Command sending strong demand signal for commercial space services
DoD wants to change how it buys space technology – but can it?
U.S. general: Starlink in Ukraine showing what megaconstellations can do
U.S. Space Command needs help identifying hostile intent in space
U.S. officials: Anti-satellite test another sign of Russia’s aggressive intentions in space
Investigations of U.S. Space Command’s basing decision to continue into 2022
Lawmakers ask Air Force Secretary to ‘pause all actions’ on Space Command relocation

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