On National Security | Space Force taken to task in 2023 defense legislation
Air Force looking at next steps on Space Command basing decision
On National Security | Congress’ failure to pass a 2022 budget is especially detrimental to the Space Force
Lawmakers ask House appropriators to add $50 million for DoD ‘tactically responsive launch’
Former NASA administrator Bridenstine endorses candidate in Virginia congressional race
Lawmakers: Declassification would help boost public support for U.S. space programs
HASC to scrutinize Space Force budget: Satellites have to be ‘easier to defend’
Op-ed | Space Settlement Act should guide Nelson’s NASA tenure
On National Security | Defense contractors forced into uneasy role in wake of Capitol riot
Foust Forward | “Pro-space” lawmakers on wrong side of history after Capitol riot
Foust Forward | Seeking small victories in space policy
FCC stands by Ligado decision as lawmakers step up criticism
Space Force proposes ‘alternative acquisition system’ with less red tape
HASC joins critics of FCC’s Ligado decision, FCC denounces ‘baseless fear mongering’
Op-ed | NASA: Need Another Space Assignment?   
OP-ED | For the United States, a second race to the moon is a second-rate goal
House Armed Services Committee exploring several paths to a Space Force
Military space needs independent voice, says HASC Chairman Thornberry
Buzz Aldrin and Greg Autry: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to run NASA
Space Corps proposal becoming flashpoint in DoD budget negotiations

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