U.S. Army signs agreement to test space data from HawkEye 360 satellites
U.S. Army hands over satellite operations to Space Force, but keeps a foothold in space
Army looking at new ways to use space technology for unconventional warfare
U.S. Army a key customer of BlackSky’s next-generation imaging satellite
SpaceLink and U.S. Army to study use of relay constellation to deliver data to troops in the field
Op-ed | Why Army Space?
Iceye and U.S. Army forge collaborative research pact
Capella to work with U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Technical Center
U.S. Army space commander concerned about disruptions to satellites
Raytheon forms industry team to develop U.S. Army ground station
U.S. Army selects Iridium to develop payload for low Earth orbit satellite navigation system
U.S. Army to evaluate Kymeta’s flat satellite antennas for mobile connectivity
On National Security | Army not being shy about its need for satellites
U.S. Army satellite to bring imagery directly to troops on the ground 
L3Harris wins contract to apply artificial intelligence to remotely sensed data
TriSept signs deal to integrate Army cubesat with Electron   
BlackSky to add high-resolution satellites in 2022,  signs deal with U.S. Army
U.S. Army general to be sworn in as space commander
U.S. Army expanding space education programs at West Point
Army’s evaluation of Starlink broadband to focus on reliability, vulnerability

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