Pandemic, changing industry affecting satellite manufacturer supply chains
Thales Alenia selected to build Telesat’s broadband constellation
First BlackSky operational satellite ready for launch
RSCC pays Russian-European manufacturing team to build next two satellites
Thales Alenia Inks Deal To Build 2 More Sentinel Satellites for ESA
O3b Orders Eight More Satellites from Thales Alenia Space
Bangladesh Taps Thales Alenia To Build 1st Telecom Satellite
Component Issue Delays Iridium Next Launches by Four Months
After Friending Facebook, Eutelsat Orders Satellite for sub-Saharan Africa
Flooding Hit Thales Alenia Space Plant, but Satellites Unscathed
Thales Alenia Gets Going on Second-generation Cosmo-SkyMed Radar Satellites
Turkey’s Gokturk-1 Reconnaissance Satellite Finally Cleared for Export
Thales Alenia Space Details Elaborate Tech Transfer Deal with Brazil
Thales Alenia Space Chief Touts Program Progress, Cost-cutting Efforts
Turkey’s Gokturk-1 Imaging Satellite in Limbo at Thales Alenia Space
Italian Commitment to Next-gen Radar Satellites in Time to Avert Gap
Thales Alenia Space Nabs $94 Million Contract for U.S.-French Ocean Topography Satellite
ILS Proton Lofts Yamal-401, Setting Stage for Astra 2G Launch
CNES Taps Thales Alenia, Airbus for Earth Science Satellites
Thales Alenia Makes a Red Carpet Play for Developing Nations Seeking High-Res Satellites

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