KT SAT orders Koreasat 6A communications satellite from Thales
U.S.-French Earth science satellite ready to ship for December launch
Aging Telesat satellite running out of fuel as projected LEO costs soar
ESA funds Skimsat demonstrator study for VLEO
Microsoft reveals Azure Space Partner Community
Azure Space offers Custom Vision tools for satellite imagery
SES orders software-defined replacement satellite from Thales
Accelerating satellite production timelines improving market health
Falcon 9 launches Italian radar satellite
Intelsat orders two flexible GEO satellites for post-bankruptcy growth plan
SES orders two replacement satellites for broadcast market
SES-17 takes flight with eyes on soaring commercial aviation market
ESA, Airbus sign long-delayed Galileo contract after court ruling
Europe’s Galileo braces for more emergency in-orbit maneuvers
Microsoft and Thales work to automate satellite image processing
Delayed Indonesian broadband satellite SATRIA fully funded
Quebec invests in Telesat Lightspeed constellation
Airbus, Thales win second-generation Galileo satellite contracts
Thales Alenia Space given €296 million contract to build European Gateway module
Italy orders second pair of Cosmo-SkyMed radar satellites

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