Intelsat-36 SSL
DARPA’s Blackjack program will evaluate if national security space missions can use a networked constellation of smallsats in low Earth orbit instead of large, geostationary satellites. Credit: DARPA
Credit: FCC
NBN's Wolumla Ground Station. Credit: NBN
C-Band Alliance
ABS-3A satellite. Credit: Boeing artist's concept
SSTL Telesat LEO satellite graphic
C-Band Alliance
Erwin Hudson, Vice President of Telesat LEO, said the operator's business plans center on a constellation with 292 satellites. Credit: Brian Berger/SpaceNews
Falcon 9 Telstar 18V
Telesat SSTL LEO
SSL and SFL smallsat Telesat
Telstar-19 Vantage SpaceX
SSTL Telesat LEO satellite graphic
OW-V OneWeb Constellation
Artist’s rendition of SES Network’s O3b mPower constellation. Credit: SES.

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