Space Development Agency praised as change agent in Pentagon procurement
Hughes views OneWeb stake as key to FCC broadband subsidies
Maxar backs away from Telesat LEO competition
LEO constellations still held to high bar in FCC rural broadband subsidy program
Telesat preparing for mid-2020 constellation manufacturer selection 
FCC’s $9.7 billion C-band incentive hinging on Intelsat and SES participation 
Telesat sides with SES against Intelsat’s request for more C-band money
SES and Eutelsat make their own cases for more C-band money
Intelsat to FCC: C-Band Alliance is dead, we deserve more money
FCC sets December C-band auction, offers up to $14.7 billion for satellite operators
C-Band Alliance pegs satellite spectrum clearing costs at $3.3 billion
Eutelsat OK with FCC’s C-band auction plan provided satellite operator costs are covered 
Satellite operators lose battle for private C-band auction worth billions
C-Band Alliance says it would send billions to U.S. treasury under private spectrum auction
Telesat LEO manufacturing decision bumped to 2020
Maxar announces GEO order, property sale and debt refinancing, sizes WorldView Legion at six satellites

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