Justice Department reaches deal with company implicated in Taurus launch failures
Orbital Picks ‘Antares’ as New Name for Taurus 2
Taurus 2 To Deploy Nanosatellites in Debut
Orbital Revises Schedule for Taurus 2 and Cygnus Debuts
With Launch Site Behind Schedule Taurus 2 Facing Two-month Delay
Test Stand Fire Threatens Taurus 2 Launch Schedule
Orbital Sciences Eyes West Coast Missions for Taurus 2 Launcher
Taurus 2 Work Poised To Begin at New Wallops Assembly Facility
Taurus XL Failure Investigation Could Delay TacSat-4 Launch

NASA Names Taurus Launch Failure Board


NASA said March 9 it had selected the members of the board that will investigate the Taurus XL launch failure that destroyed the agency’s Glory climate observing satellite.

Civil Launch MissionsNASATaurus

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