SSTL Eutelsat Quantum
LeoSat satellite
Telesat SSTL LEO
Firefly Alpha
Earth-i satellite
ELSA-d target spacecraft
SSTL SST-US Denver Colorado
Faraday smallsat
SSTL SST-US Denver Colorado
Surrey's SSTL-50 satellite bus
Lunar Prospect drill ESA
SSTL is leading a consortium that has received a grant award from Innovate UK, Britain’s science and technology stimulus agency to produce what SSTL said will be a “flight-ready concept” of a High Test Peroxide-based propulsion system by the end of 2016. Credit: µ-VIS centre at the University of Southampton
Wade Larson, President and COO of UrtheCast, speaking at the 10th Appleton Space Conference in 2014. Credit: Science & Technology Facilities Council

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