International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight


The symposium is a dialog between the speakers and audience. Together we capture the growth, diversification and momentum of the commercial space industry at the time of the conference. Short powerful talks capture direction of the sectors focused…

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SpaceX Dragon. Credit: SpaceX
Falcon 9 CRS-15
Technical problems could delay the beginning of regular flights by SpaceX's Crew Dragon (left) and Boeing's CST-100 Starliner until at least late 2018. Credit: SpaceX artist's concept and Boeing
Paz Tintin Starlink launch SpaceX
New Glenn 7-meter fairing
Falcon Heavy
SpaceX KSC hangar
SpaceX Falcon 9 SES-12
Falcon Heavy demo flight
NBN SSL Sky Muster 2 II
Falcon 9 GRACE-FO launch
SpaceX Hangar Florida
IRDM GRACE-FO Launch Falcon 9
Space Tech Expo USA logo
Falcon 9 Bangabandhu 1 launch

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