Dragon at ISS
SuperDraco test
Falcon Heavy center core droneship
DART Didymos
Falcon Heavy launch
Arabsat-6A is the first commercial satellite slated to launch on SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket. Credit: Jordan Sirokie for SpaceNews.
Starhopper test
Atlas 5 TDRS-M launch
The Demo-1 mission ended March 8 with a successful undocking from the ISS followed, six hours later, by a splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean off the Florida coast, in view of SpaceX recovery ships. Credit: NASA
Starship test hopper
Demo-1 splashdown
SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy
rocket lifts off Feb. 6 on its maiden launch carrying a Tesla Roadster on a Mars-bound trajectory. Credit: SpaceX
Crew Dragon ISS docking
Falcon 9 Crew Dragon liftoff
SpaceX Crew Dragon Falcon 9 Demo-1 rollout

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