SpaceX rolls out new business line focused on military satellite services
OneWeb aims to deploy a record 40 satellites in SpaceX mission
FCC grants partial approval for Starlink second-generation constellation
SpaceX launches new cargo Dragon spacecraft to space station
SpaceX to launch last new cargo Dragon spacecraft
NASA awards SpaceX $1.15 billion contract for second Artemis lander mission
SpaceX launches a pair of Intelsat satellites on expendable Falcon 9
UK grants Starlink and Telesat NGSO licenses
ViaSat-3’s Falcon Heavy launch slips into early 2023
SpaceX launches Hotbird 13G to extend Eutelsat’s broadcast coverage
NASA predicts first Starship orbital launch as soon as December
Lunar landing restored for Artemis 4 mission
Polaris Dawn crewed mission could suffer additional delays
Eutelsat fortifying jamming defenses over Middle East
U.S. military waiting for industry to demonstrate space transportation concepts
Crew-4 returns to Earth
Dennis Tito and wife to be on second Starship flight around the moon
SpaceX deploys two of six C-band satellites Intelsat is launching this year
SpaceX says 5G plan could disrupt Starlink more than previously thought
SpaceX launches Crew-5 mission to the space station

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