Brandywine Photonics conducts design study of constellation of hundreds of small weather satellites
Congress set to pass space weather bill
UCAR’s president talks about space weather, radio occultation and a multidisciplinary approach to Earth science
Southwest Research Institute wins NOAA contract to build space weather instrument
Xplore wins NOAA contract to study commercial solar observatory
UC Berkeley Lab to build NOAA space weather instrument
Southwest Research Institute wins NOAA space weather contract
U.S. government aims for better coordination in space weather campaign
NASA selects first science payloads for lunar Gateway
DSCOVR back in operation
NOAA warns of risks from relying on aging space weather missions
Air Force taps Applied Technology Associates and Teledyne Brown to produce space weather sensors
NOAA set to update space weather fleet
Air Force turns to partners for weather forecasting support
House panel approves space weather bill

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