Air Force Academy to produce more officers for Space Force
Space Fence surveillance radar site declared operational
Indian anti-satellite test proves early test for Space Fence
Lockheed Martin prepares to turn on U.S. Air Force Space Fence on Kwajalein Atoll
Good (space) fences make for good (orbital) neighbors
Lockheed Martin opens Space Fence test site in New Jersey
Space Fence Passes Critical Design Review
U.S. Air Force Awarded Six of a Planned Eight Major Space Contracts in 2014
Haney: U.S. Partners To Have Indirect Access to Space Fence Data
Raytheon Won’t Protest Lockheed Martin’s $941 Million Space Fence Contract
Space Fence Development Closely Tied to Upgrade of U.S. Air Force Control Center
Lockheed Martin Lands $914M Space Fence Contract
As Space Fence Award Nears, Lockheed Offers Some Details of Its Proposal
U.S. Air Force Seeks $215M for Space Fence
Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Get Space Fence Bridge Contracts

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