Space Development Agency celebrates launch of its first satellites
Space Development Agency to launch five satellites aboard SpaceX rideshare
DoD space agency to create marketplace for commercial satellite data
Capella Space wins research contract from U.S. Space Development Agency
DoD space agency to launch laser communications experiments on SpaceX rideshare
DoD agencies to invest more than $1 billion in low-Earth orbit space technologies
Space Development Agency to add more laser links to satellites if the price is right
Space Development Agency could select three manufacturers to produce its next batch of satellites
DoD space agency: Cyber attacks, not missiles, are the most worrisome threat to satellites
Space Development Agency issues new request for information from satellite vendors
Satellite manufacturer LeoStella eyeing opportunities in U.S. defense market
On National Security | DoD space agency move seen as signs of real change
Space Force planning for a future of smaller, cheaper satellites
DoD space agency to award multiple contracts for up to 150 satellites
Space Development Agency experiment to fly on Northrop Grumman’s capsule to space station

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