Op-ed | Congress must act now to avert a catastrophe in space
Chinese official calls for protection of space assets, international coordination mechanisms
Moon impact: Chinese rocket stage still in space says U.S. Space Command
Moon-bound rocket stage still most likely from 2014 Chang’e mission, despite China’s denial
China claims rocket stage destined for lunar impact is not from its 2014 moon mission
Op-ed | Space Debris Management is even more urgent than Space Traffic Management
Chinese satellite in near miss with Russian ASAT test debris
Breakup of China’s Yunhai-1 (02) satellite linked to space debris collision
An object is now orbiting alongside China’s Shijian-21 debris mitigation satellite
Electrodynamic tethers speed up satellite reentry timelines
LeoLabs declares Costa Rica Space Radar operational
French startup demonstrates iodine propulsion in potential boost for space debris mitigation efforts
ESA Clean Space tackles space junk one component at a time
Op-ed | Protecting our assets from space debris
Aerospace Corp. raises questions about pollutants produced during satellite and rocket reentry
Taking out the trash: One man’s mission to tidy up the space environment
Space debris a frequent topic at Satellite Innovation 2020
Op-ed | Social distancing, self-isolation, and … space debris?
Bridenstine criticizes China for uncontrolled rocket reentry
LeoLabs unveils automated Collision Avoidance service

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