X Prize Foundation studying active debris removal competition
Chinese official calls for protection of space assets, international coordination mechanisms
Astroscale raises $109 million Series F round
Industry looks to simplify policy challenges of orbital debris removal
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Rocket Lab to launch Astroscale inspection satellite
Space Force backs development of commercial orbital debris removal systems
Astroscale and rocket maker MHI team up to develop debris removal technology
ESA signs contract for first space debris removal mission
Astroscale raises $51 million in Series E, $191 million overall
Astroscale wins first half of JAXA debris-removal mission 
Tethers Unlimited says early results of deorbit hardware test promising
Iridium would pay to deorbit its 30 defunct satellites — for the right price
Swiss startup ClearSpace wins ESA contract to deorbit Vega rocket debris
Astroscale, ClearSpace aim to make a bundle removing debris
Astroscale, ClearSpace aim to make a bundle removing debris
Debris removal missions face technical, legal and financial hurdles
Rise of the megaconstellations breathes life into active debris removal schemes