Solid rocket startup Adranos opens fuel-production facility in Indiana
Northrop Grumman to boost production of solid rocket motors following big contract from ULA
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Adranos, a startup that makes solid rocket motors, closes $20 million funding round
China is developing new solid rockets to boost overall space capabilities
Northrop Grumman test fires solid motor for ULA’s Vulcan rocket
Northrop Grumman completes ground test of solid booster for ULA’s Vulcan Centaur
Northrop Grumman delivers a new solid booster for ULA’s Atlas 5
Aerojet Rocketdyne to open new facility to develop solid rocket motors
Northrop’s strong grip on solid rocket motor market crippled Boeing in ICBM competition
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U.S. Air Force Awarded Six of a Planned Eight Major Space Contracts in 2014