4S Symposium (Small Satellites Systems and Services)
Small Satellites 2020
EchoStar, fresh off Helios Wire acquisition, orders S-band smallsats from Tyvak
Electric-propulsion startup Orbion raises $9.2 million Series A
Lacuna Space aims to ride IoT wave with a 32-cubesat constellation
Mecano ID, with help from CNES, making its first smallsat deployer
Exolaunch qualifies, begins selling microsatellite separation system
FCC’s streamlined licensing rules seen as boon for smallsat industry
FCC outlines proposed smallsat licensing rules
Parsons planning more merger and acquisition moves
Kinéis takes control of Argos system, finalizes successor constellation plans
ÅAC Clyde raises $9 million amid hiring spree
Rocket Lab unveils Photon smallsat bus
Vega rocket-builder Avio sees revenue jump, new rockets progressing
LeoStella looks for more customers as it opens satellite factory
Smallsat industry faces new challenges to growth

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