Interstellar Technologies Momo rocket
DLR’s Earth Sensing Imaging Spectrometer will be the first payload tested on the Multi-User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES), Teledyne Brown’s external Earth-facing platform that traveled to the space station in June inside a SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule. Credit: Teledyne Brown artist's concept.
“There’s been a big demand for us to operate our satellites as well as manufacture them,” said Craig Clark, Clyde Space founder and chief executive. Credit: Clyde Space
Ursa Space Systems plans to begin offering weekly reports on oil storage drawn from SAR data. Credit: Wikicommons
Tyvak cubesat
Walter Ballheimer, the CEO of German Orbital Systems, said the company considers Euroconsult’s estimates realistic, but space “is a risky and expensive business.”

The forecast is “based on estimations of a successful deployment of OneWeb and SpaceX megaconstellations which technically are also small satellites,” he said. Credit: German Orbital Systems
Artist's concept of Iridium Next satellite. Credit: Iridium
A technician works on a double deployed cubesat in the Clyde Space clean room. Credit: Clyde Space
NASA artist's concept of SLS.
Accion Systems' electrospray thruster chips (shown in gold) arranged on a notional satellite. Credit: Accion Systems
A dime-sized thruster chip developed by Accion Systems. Credit: Accion Systems
Planet Labs Doves ISS
NanoAvionics has secured seed funding to commercialize its Enabling Propulsion System for Small Satellites (EPSS). Credit: NanoAvionics
NGA Director Robert Cardillo
Dellingr cubesat

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