Coronavirus pandemic to halt SLS testing
Report finds delays and cost overruns in SLS mobile launch platform development
SLS cost growth exceeds threshold for formal review
First SLS launch now expected in second half of 2021
First SLS core stage ready for shipment
NASA and Boeing look ahead to long-term SLS production
SLS core stage declared ready for launch in 2021
New NASA human spaceflight leader calls SLS “mandatory” for return to the moon
White House warns Congress about Artemis funding
NASA official hints first SLS launch could slip to mid-2021
Senate bill offers $22.75 billion for NASA in 2020
House members skeptical about NASA’s approach to returning humans to the moon
Safety panel pleased with Artemis project but concerned about leadership
SLS contractors expect first launch in 2021
NASA seeking proposals for cubesats on second SLS launch
Senator criticizes cost and schedule issues with NASA programs

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