Lockheed Martin gets $1 billion contract for operations of SBIRS ground systems
ULA launches U.S. Space Force missile-warning satellite, two rideshare cubesats
Space Force to launch fifth SBIRS satellite in May
An open system for missile-warning satellite data is in the works but faces challenges
Lockheed Martin completes production of SBIRS GEO-5 satellite to be launched in 2021
Military early warning satellites to begin migration to new ground system
Raytheon wins Air Force contract for ground system to process missile warning satellite data
U.S. early warning satellites helped avert casualties from Iran’s missile attack
Congress reviewing new request to reprogram funds for next-generation OPIR satellites
Air Force reports progress in missile defense satellite programs
Why the Air Force needs more money for next-gen OPIR
Report: Updating the military’s nuclear communications systems a complex and expensive challenge
Op-ed | A new mission for DARPA’s RSGS robotic spacecraft: satellite bodyguard
Satellites, command-and-control systems taking a bigger bite of nuclear modernization budget
ExoTerra banks $1.5 million for solar electric propulsion
Lockheed Martin selects payload providers for next-generation missile warning satellites
Defense inspector general finds key Air Force space programs vulnerable to cyber attacks, sabotage
Lockheed Martin awarded $2.9 billion Air Force contract for three missile-warning satellites
Air Force moves to acquire new missile-warning satellites: What we know so far
Air Force to award contracts to Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman for future missile-warning satellite constellation

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