Companies are flying old satellites longer, study finds
Manufacturers worry about smallsats getting too hot, literally
Thermal materials startup Carbice finds foothold in space industry
Argentine operator Arsat revives plans for third satellite
Four fears satellite manufacturers can’t shake
Kepler’s decision to build its own cubesats surprises manufacturers
Airbus, citing weak space market, to cut more than 2,300 jobs
IAI anticipates additional satellite orders from Israeli government
Kepler decides to build its 140-satellite cubesat constellation in-house
Manufacturers say wider range of satellites they build is stressing mission assurance
Argentina, Turkey wade into tough GEO manufacturing market with joint venture
Thales Alenia Space hedges bet on serially built, reprogrammable small GEOs
To do business, reprogrammable satellites now the requirement for manufacturers
Boeing unveils small GEO product as part of new 702X satellite lineup
Thales Group to restructure space business as order gap drives losses
Glass-ceramics company, with eyes on space, raises $12 million

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