Satellite Communications Systems Course
DoD Satcom: Big money for military satellites, slow shift to commercial services
Space Force delivers first of two U.S. payloads to launch on Space Norway’s arctic broadband mission
U.S. to ramp up spending on classified communications satellites
Intelsat rolls out network service that integrates Starlink and geostationary satellites
SES to acquire Leonardo DRS satcom business for $450 million
Boeing’s satellite communications payload for U.S. Space Force passes design review
Space Force to take a fresh look at communications satellite needs
Satcom executives see growing military demand for more secure, mobile equipment
U.S. military has growing appetite for satellite communications but its needs are complex
Military communications payloads could hitchhike on future GPS satellites
U.S. Army to evaluate Kymeta’s flat satellite antennas for mobile connectivity
Space Force selects Boeing, Northrop Grumman to develop jam-resistant communications satellites
Space Force finalizing plan to procure broadband from low-orbit satellites
Air Force enlists Viasat to help integrate commercial and military satellite networks
Survey: Despite interest in commercial satcom, U.S. military favors legacy systems
SES to provide satellite connectivity for U.S. military ‘internet of things’
Senate report criticizes Space Force plan to acquire secure, nuclear-survivable satcom 
Thuraya CEO shares plans for fleet update and view of market
Boeing wins $298 million Space Force contract for jam-resistant communications satellite

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