Made In Space Europe and Momentus plan robotic spacecraft
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GK Launch Services offering lunar smallsat rideshare opportunity
Benchmark to provide propulsion for Spaceflight’s Sherpa-NG
New NASA office coordinates rideshare launches of smallsat science missions
Swarm works with Exolaunch to fly 24 SpaceBees on SpaceX Falcon 9
Momentus to fly hosted payloads in 2021
Exolaunch and NanoAvionics sign contracts for SpaceX flights
Cubesat built in Monaco reveals new partnership approach

Momentus and EnduroSat sign two launch agreements


In-space transportation provider Momentus announced agreements June 16 with Bulgaria’s EnduroSat to provide transportation for two cubesats scheduled to launch in February 2021 on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare flight.

Commercial EnduroSatMomentusrideshareSpaceX
Exolaunch arranges rides for Loft Orbital satellites
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D-Orbit preps for in-orbit transportation business with upcoming Arianespace and SpaceX launches
SpaceX rideshare program putting downward pressure on prices
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Exolaunch signs first launch agreement with SpaceX

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