Closing the Gap Between Remote Sensing Capabilities and Customer Requirements Webinar
Weather experts call for further dialogue to limit 5G impact on weather forecasting
DoD’s technology innovation office seeking bids from U.S. commercial remote sensing vendors
China carries out 2 orbital launches inside 3 hours
Op-ed | Why Congress must enact commercial remote sensing reforms
Revised remote sensing regulatory rule nears release
Descartes Labs forms imagery partnership with Airbus
Op-ed | Satellite Data and Cheeseburgers
Commercial space technologies a key theme in Air Force intelligence and data strategy
Commercial space bill clears Senate committee
With six new satellites and more coming, Planet looks to disrupt high-res imagery market
Artificial intelligence arms race accelerating in space
Intelligence agencies rethinking how to buy data from new Earth imaging companies
Intelligence community,  companies give out satellite imagery to motivate app developers
NOAA speeds up remote sensing license reviews amid broader regulatory changes

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