Remote sensing industry welcomes revamped regulations
Commerce Department releases streamlined commercial remote sensing regulations
Space Council says NASA’s exploration programs “on track”
Industry seeks more time to review revised commercial launch regulations
Op-ed | NewSpace must be regulated
Congress includes space provisions in FAA bill as industry seeks action on other regulatory issues
Op-ed | Regulatory reform is not a one-off event
Foust Forward | For commercial space, fewer-stop, not one-stop, shopping
Commerce Department pressing ahead with commercial space regulatory reform
Regulatory reform to be a topic of next National Space Council meeting
Op-ed | Continued innovation, regulatory reform needed to further U.S. leadership in space
Commentary | Commercial space innovation needs more government certainty
Kilmer: Congress should collaborate with space industry on regulatory issues
Commercial Space Stations Face Economic and Regulatory Challenges
House Approves Commercial Space Bill
Advisory Group Split on Commercial Spaceflight Export Reforms

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