Raytheon says VIIRS could meet DoD weather requirements without further development
Air Force to bolster weather capabilities with small satellites and sensors
New ground network gives forecasters quicker access to satellite weather data
Raytheon moves into commercial imaging market with DigitalGlobe camera order
Raytheon under “pressure” after GPS 3 ground control network extension
Raytheon says GPS control system OCX on track to hit revised milestones
U.S., Japan hope next-generation interceptor will be future of missile defense
Raytheon gets the go-ahead to continue work on OCX
Harris delivers first next-generation GPS receiver to Raytheon
First intercept test of new SM-3 variant set for October
MDA awards Raytheon $523 million contract for SM-3 variant
Kendall says OCX meeting was a “mixed bag” of results
Air Force declares Nunn-McCurdy breach on GPS ground system
Next-gen GPS ground system passes early test
New GPS 3 ground system is the Pentagon’s “most troubled” program
Air Force turns to Lockheed Martin as concerns about OCX intensify

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