As Momentum Builds for U.S. Rocket Engine, White House Pushes Back


The White House took issue with the 2015 defense spending bill drafted by a House panel, which sets aside $220 million for the engine.

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Blue Origin Rocket Engine Test-fired for Simulated Suborbital Run


Blue Origin completed a full-duration burn of a liquid hydrogen-fueled engine developed for the New Shepard suborbital spaceship and planned orbital vehicles.

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Safran Consolidates Solid-Rocket Propulsion Business


PARIS — France’s Safran said April 30 it has completed the merger of SME, formerly a subsidiary of the state-owned SNPE, and Safran’s own Snecma Solid Propulsion division into Europe’s foremost solid-rocket propulsion specialist, to be known as Herakles.

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XCOR Suborbital Rocket Engine Passes Milestones


XCOR Aerospace said Sept. 2 it had reached several significant milestones in its Lynx 5K18 rocket engine test program.

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