A Long March 6 lifting off at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. Credit: Xinhua.
Systems engineer Farah Alibay proudly displays an early 3D-printed model of a  CubeSat radio, developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, capable of transponding with NASA's Deep Space Network. Credit: JPL
A Kerbal bravely explores a weird, red world. Credit: Squad
Space analyst Chris Quilty now (senior vice president of equity research for Raymond James and Associates) and then (Navy hardhat diver). Credit: Chris Quilty
Asteroid specialist and doctoral candidate Alessondra "Sondy" Springmann. Credit: MIT photo by Eric Schmiedle
A sci-fi-flavored Air Force Space Command, as imagined by Air Force Space Command. Credit: U.S. Air Force
Alan Stern's coffee cup. Stern is the principle investigator for NASA's New Horizons mission, which launched in 2006 en route to a historic 2015 Pluto flyby. Credit: Alan Stern
Sarah Hörst