HASC to scrutinize Space Force budget: Satellites have to be ‘easier to defend’
Analysis: DoD space budget ‘clear winner’ in 2022 proposal
Biden seeks $2 billion funding boost for U.S. Space Force
In stopgap funding bill, White House wants Space Force accounts separated from Air Force
U.S. Space Force budget projected to grow $2.6 billion over the next five years
U.S. Space Force gets its first budget in name only
U.S. military’s annual list of ‘unfunded priorities’ includes $1 billion for Space Force
U.S. Space Force, Space Command to get state-of-the-art facility in Colorado
Trump seeks $15.4 billion for U.S. Space Force in 2021 budget
Top procurement official warns budget impasse ‘debilitating’ to military space programs
Why the Air Force needs more money for next-gen OPIR
On National Security | Congress says ‘not so fast’ to speed-obsessed Space Development Agency
Air Force space launch funds reprogrammed to pay for Trump’s border wall
Military space gets big boost in Pentagon’s $750 billion budget plan
GPS, Nex-Gen OPIR dominate space investments

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