Smallsats could help U.S. mitigate losses in space conflict, experts say
House panel irked by Air Force request for ORS-6 launch funds
Super Strypi failure blamed on first stage motor malfunction
U.S. STRATCOM considering a follow-on to ORS-1 surveillance satellite
A twist in the Air Force’s outyear budget: funding for ORS.
ORS Office Gets Boost in Omnibus Spending Bill
Rail-launched Super Strypi Rocket Packed with Cubesats Fails in Debut
Latest ORS-4 Launch Delay Reinforces Government Watchdog’s Assessment
U.S. Air Force’s ORS-5 Satellite To Launch on Minotaur 4
Orbital ATK Chosen To Launch U.S. Air Force’s ORS-5 Satellite
Op-ed | ORS: A Program Worth Fighting For
ORS Director: “We’re Not Here To Build Neat Toys”
Editorial | Coming Around Slowly on ORS
SpaceNews Military Space Quarterly
U.S. Air Force Considers Expanded Role for Resilient ORS Office

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