Draft solicitation for national security space launch services expected in early 2023
Space Force considering strategy for procuring national security launch services
House Armed Services chairman calls on Space Force to change how it buys launch services
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ULA launches two space surveillance satellites for U.S. Space Force
Federal budget stalemate having ‘ripple effects’ on national security space missions
ULA launches STP-3 mission with national security and NASA payloads
Space Force awards ManTech $476 million contract for launch systems engineering services
Space Force launch director on Vulcan and BE-4: ‘We have to be very focused from here on out’
After negotiations, Space Development Agency was able to get reduced pricing for national security launch
Northrop Grumman has not ruled out another try at national security space launch
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With ULA’s new rocket Vulcan behind schedule, Space Force agrees to let Atlas 5 fill in