Navy’s solar power satellite hardware to be tested in orbit
Navy to transfer satellite communications responsibilities to Air Force
Inmarsat Government Nabs Large Pentagon Bandwidth Contract
Technical Issues Prompt U.S. Navy To Delay Certification of MUOS
U.S. Navy’s 3rd MUOS Satellite Arrives at Cape Canaveral

Navy’s Fifth MUOS Satellite Wrapping Up Final Testing


The satellite is expected to launch in summer 2015.

Military SpaceMissionsMUOSNavySatellite
Three of Four MUOS Stations Accepted by Navy
U.S. Navy Resumes Work on MUOS Ground Station Following Six-month Standoff with Sicily
With Goddard Chamber Booked for Webb, MMS Heads to Navy Lab for Vacuum Tests
U.S. Navy’s MUOS-2 Satellite in Transfer Orbit, Responding to Commands
Atlas 5 Launches Navy’s MUOS-2 Satellite into Orbit
U.S. Navy Tries To Allay Fears over Sicilian MUOS Site

Lockheed Delivers SBIRS Craft, Tests Navy Satellite


Lockheed has delivered a SBIRS craft to the U.S. Air Force and completed ground testing of MUOS.

Lockheed MartinMilitary SpaceMissionsNavySatelliteSBIRS
Lockheed Delivers MUOS Waveform to U.S. Navy

U.S. Navy Commissions First MUOS Satellite


The first of a new generation of mobile communications satellites built for the U.S. Navy has entered into service.

Military SpaceMissionsMUOSNavySatelliteU.S.

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