NASA changes crew for Boeing commercial crew test flight
ArianeGroup and PTScientists to study lunar lander mission for ESA
House spending bill fires warning shot at JWST
JPL is still at work, for now
Chang’e-4 spacecraft enter lunar nighttime, China planning future missions, cooperation   
Ball and SSL win study contracts for methane emission tracking satellite
Astronomers foresee long future for Hubble
NASA delays SpaceX commercial crew test flight to February
Air Force to upgrade existing GPS ground control system while next-generation OCX lags
Shutdown grounds NASA’s airborne observatory
Astrophysics meetings, but not missions, disrupted by government shutdown
Scientists pleased with TESS exoplanet mission
China’s lunar rover enters standby mode for ‘noon nap’ as Chang’e-4 tests continue
DigitalGlobe loses WorldView-4 satellite to gyro failure
Chang’e-4 returns first images from lunar farside following historic landing   

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