Companies build up teams to compete for Artemis lunar rover
Canada answers Ukraine’s call for satellite radar imagery 
Globalstar selects MDA and Rocket Lab for new satellites
Iceye to provide satellite for MDA radar constellation
Op-ed | Canada’s space sector set for a relaunch
MDA files to go public
MDA to build robotic arm for lunar Gateway
Maxar to sell Canadian unit for $765 million
New MDA president seeks opportunities to grow Canadian space business
Meet Maxar, the space industry’s newest tech giant
MDA closes DigitalGlobe merger, rebrands as Maxar Technologies
MDA-DigitalGlobe Merger expected to close first week of October
MDA withdraws, resubmits paperwork for DigitalGlobe acquisition
Japan has plans to land astronauts on the moon by 2030 — with a little help from the United States.
SSL’s John Celli retires after 36-year career
DigitalGlobe adding Radarsat imagery to geospatial big data platform
MDA to acquire DigitalGlobe
Canadian company MDA reportedly seeking to acquire DigitalGlobe
Canada’s MDA says commercial satellite market shows unexpected softness
Commercial geospatial imaging companies: UAVs are sideshows, satellites the main event

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