Microsoft reveals Azure Space Partner Community
Azure Space offers Custom Vision tools for satellite imagery
Space Development Agency experiment demonstrates on-orbit data processing
EarthDaily taps Loft Orbital to build and operate $150 million constellation
Airbus books Loft Orbital order for Florida satellite factory
Loft Orbital orders more LeoStella satellite buses
Simplification is key to space industry growth
Space Development Agency celebrates launch of its first satellites
Space Development Agency to launch five satellites aboard SpaceX rideshare
Loft Orbital wins Space Force contract for edge computing in space
Loft Orbital purchases satellite antennas from Anywaves
Hydrosat to fly thermal infrared mission with Loft Orbital
Loft Orbital to fly Canadian quantum communications satellite
Loft Orbital satellite to carry experiment for DARPA’s Blackjack program
Exolaunch arranges rides for Loft Orbital satellites
Loft Orbital raises $13 million as it prepares to bulk buy satellite buses
Loft Orbital fills first condosat, preps for quarterly launches
Loft Orbital unveils 21-partner supply chain for small condosat missions
Loft Orbital raises $3.2 million to build condo constellation for those who don’t want to own satellites