Op-ed | Proliferated LEO is risky but necessary
Megaconstellation startup raises $110 million to connect smartphones via satellite
Military enthusiastic about commercial LEO satcom but wants proof that vendors can deliver
Dankberg teases ViaSat-4 specs, still mulling MEO constellation
SpaceX submits paperwork for 30,000 more Starlink satellites
UnseenLabs plans to launch half dozen ship-tracking cubesats in 2020
LEO constellation operators OneWeb, Iridium announce collaboration
Telesat outlines spending plan for Canadian government’s LEO constellation investment 
Space Development Agency looked upon to bring LEO technology to ground forces
Canadian government pledges $521 million for Telesat LEO constellation
As it plans LEO constellations, DoD must prepare to deal with congestion
Loft Orbital fills first condosat, preps for quarterly launches
Cloud Constellation selects LeoStella to build 10 data-storage satellites
Op-ed | Protecting low Earth orbit from becoming the new Wild West
Wyler claims breakthrough in low-cost antenna for OneWeb, other satellite systems
Op-ed | Responsible satellite operations in the era of large constellations

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