Kennedy sees growing congressional support for Space Development Agency
Hispasat cites inter-satellite links as pivotal for LeoSat investment
Op-ed | Networking the space-terrestrial frontier
Canada’s LEO constellation fund draws interest from Telesat, MDA
Global Eagle to collaborate on Telesat LEO constellation
LEO constellation rush not a threat to Iridium, CEO says
Virgin Orbit aims to offer responsive launch and constellation maintenance services
OneWeb asks FCC to authorize 1,200 more satellites
LEO momentum builds with Eutelsat smallsat purchase, Optus-Telesat partnership
Globalstar plays up spectrum strategy as debt deadline looms
FCC grants Telesat LEO market access despite ViaSat protests
SpaceX asks FCC to make exception for NGSO constellations in Connect America Fund decisions
Cubesat voice-comms test paves way for Sky and Space Global’s 200-satellite constellation
MDA slashes GEO order expectations
Telesat says low latency led to LEO constellation

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