Air Force to continue to push back on proposed space launch legislation
Smith to continue to press for change in national security space launch program
SpaceX gets a boost from House Armed Services Committee 2020 NDAA markup
SpaceX launches new legal battle against U.S. Air Force
Air Force requests bids for space launch services, will select two companies in 2020
Pushback continues as Air Force prepares to request bids for space launch services
Air Force insists launch competition must stay on schedule
Blue Origin urging Air Force  to postpone launch competition
For OmegA, U.S. Air Force launch competition is a must-win
Air Force space launch competition caught in political crossfire
Air Force poised to release final solicitation notice for national security space launch
EELV is no more. It is now ‘National Security Space Launch’
Air Force launch procurement under scrutiny
Military launch poised for new era as Air Force prepares to move beyond EELV
Air Force funding three new rockets to compete with SpaceX but only intends to buy launch services from two providers
Air Force awards launch vehicle development contracts to Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman, ULA

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