Kymeta secures $84 million to scale up antenna production
Kymeta plans to release OneWeb terminal by next summer
DoD a challenging customer for fast-moving satellite broadband industry
Kymeta announces successful OneWeb antenna tests
Umbra and Hypergiant among firms selected for Air Force JADC2 contract
U.S. Army to evaluate Kymeta’s flat satellite antennas for mobile connectivity
Kymeta raises $85.2 million in Bill Gates-backed round
Kymeta acquires satellite services firm Lepton Global Solutions
ILS Proton arrives at Baikonur • Kepler, Kymeta test antenna • GSMA takes aim at satellite spectrum
Kymeta founder Nathan Kundtz stepping down as CEO
Internet for the masses not a focus for Kymeta, Phasor
SpaceX takes top honors in <em>SpaceNews</em> Awards for Excellence & Innovation
Kymeta ships first 400 flat-panel antennas, confirms talks with OneWeb
Phasor sets 2018 release for electronically steered antenna
Kymeta expects to ship its first flat-panel antennas in May