NASA astronauts complete repairs on historic spacewalk
Key House appropriator remains skeptical about Artemis
NASA and SpaceX agree commercial crew development is the “highest priority”
Search continues for new NASA human spaceflight leader
Marshall selected to lead NASA human lunar lander program
NASA seeks “industrialization” of low Earth orbit with ISS commercialization strategy
NASA announces Orion achievement on Apollo 11 anniversary
Artemis cost estimate won’t be ready until 2020
Bridenstine says leadership changes linked to urgency in NASA’s exploration programs
Questions linger about reassignment of NASA exploration officials
Bridenstine to meet with international partners on lunar plans at Paris Air Show
Bridenstine estimates Artemis cost at $20–30 billion
NASA offers mixed messages on future budgets
Bridenstine says debate only beginning over funding 2024 return to the moon
Bridenstine says $1.6 billion at “low end” of funding needed to keep 2024 lunar landing on schedule
Bridenstine plays down costs of 2024 moon landing

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