Op-ed | Japan’s Space Journey: From the Land of the Rising Sun to the Moon
Companies and government agencies announce plans for lunar rover projects
Japan budgets a record $4.14 billion for space activities
JAXA ships new H3 rocket to Tanegashima Space Center for testing
NASA and Japan finalize Gateway agreement
Hayabusa2 delivers asteroid samples to Earth after six-year voyage
Japan launches JDRS-1 optical data relay satellite for military, civilian use
Japan’s new H3 launcher delayed by rocket engine component issues
Germany joins JAXA’s low-cost deep space test mission
Japan, India set to resume launch activities in November
First H3 launch slips to 2021
NASA signs agreement with Japan on lunar exploration
MHI pressing through pandemic toward late 2020 H3 rocket debut
Astroscale wins first half of JAXA debris-removal mission 
Japan seeks to finalize agreement with the U.S. on lunar exploration cooperation

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