ITU sets milestones for megaconstellations
4.1 billion people online • Iridium completes $1.45 billion refinancing • SES exec to chair Space Data Association
Megaconstellation milestones high on U.S. WRC-19 priority list 
WRC-19 begins • Hiber buys green thrusters • Ariane 6 facility inaugurated in Germany
SpaceX submits paperwork for 30,000 more Starlink satellites
Satellite industry prepares for WRC-19 on multiple fronts
Op-ed | Satellite communications are an essential link for a connected world
ITU wants megaconstellations to meet tougher launch milestones
Op-Ed | Intelsat’s myopia on C-band
ITU: mobile networks want some C- and Ka-band spectrum for 5G
FCC Chairman issues sharp warning to satellite industry
Officials fear precedent set as Egypt wins ITU satellite approval pleading ‘force majeure’
Laos, with China’s Aid, Enters Crowded Satellite Telecom Field
U.S., Germany Face Uphill Fight for UAV Spectrum 
ITU Aircraft Satellite-tracking Agreement Bolsters Aireon Business Case
Low Earth Orbit Constellations Could Pose Interference Risk to GEO Satellites

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