Satellites at war: A week of U.S.-Iran tensions sum up military reliance on space
Defense intelligence report highlights Iran’s advances in space technology
Commentary | Space Programs of North Korea, Iran: Covert Twins?

Former Executive Found Guilty of Helping Iran Launch Sat


Nader Modanlo was found guilty by a federal jury in Maryland of illegally helping Iran launch its first satellite.

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SN Blog | Monkey Business?: Before-and-After Pictures Raise Doubts about Iran’s Launch Claims

VIDEO | Suborbital Simian? Iran Says it Sent Monkey into Space


Obama signed into law a disaster relief bill that will deliver $15 million to NASA to repair facilities.

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Iran Successfully Sends a Monkey into Space


Obama signed into law a disaster relief bill that will deliver $15 million to NASA to repair facilities.

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Iran: Monkey Launched into Suborbital Space and Back


Iranian space officials announced they successfully launched a live monkey into space.

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Sanctions Prompt Eutelsat To Drop Iranian TV Channels

Editorial | Iran Gets an Overdue Rebuff


The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which occasionally invites criticism for failing to enforce its own regulatory rules, deserves credit for rejecting Iran’s bid to retain rights to a satellite orbital slot for which it has missed repeated utilization deadlines.

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‘TV Without Borders’ Regs Help Iran Dodge U.S.-led Embargo

Iran Finds a Placeholder Satellite for Contested Geostationary Slot


PARIS — The Iranian government has found a satellite operator willing to lease or sell it an in-orbit telecommunications satellite to move to an orbital slot to which Iranian rights expired in July, the Iranian government has told international regulators.

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Satellite Regulators Rebuff Iran, Punt on Avanti Dispute
Inmarsat, Israeli Group Spar over Iranian Oil Tanker Links

Dispute over Iranian Satellite System Gets More Complicated


PARIS — The two-year satellite frequency dispute that has pitted Iran and Saudi Arabia against France and Qatar has taken an unexpected turn with protests over Iranian satellite broadcasts into Bahrain and Iran’s apparent inability to fill an orbital slot with its own satellite.

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Iran Decision, British About-face Among Surprises at Radio Frequency Conclave


PARIS — International radio frequency and orbital slot regulators have agreed to allow Iran access to an orbital slot for its planned Zohreh-1 telecommunications satellite despite the fact that Iran missed repeated deadlines for putting the satellite into use, according to a decision of the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC).

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