Intelsat-29e, launched in January 2016, was declared a total loss April 18, 2019, after problems with its propulsion and communications systems. Credit: Intelsat.
A communications satellite is manufactured by the Boeing Company. Credit: Boeing
An MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft (U.S. Air Force photo)
Ariane 5 Vulcain engine VA239
Intelsat-33e Intelsat Epic
SpaceX Intelsat-35e Intelsat
The future prospects of commercial satcom meeting government and DoD needs is bright," said Intelsat General Corp. President Skot Butler.  "While we can’t wait for activities like the Wideband Analysis of Alternatives to conclude, and procurement decisions to be made, commercial moves quickly to meet emerging demands across our user segments, government and otherwise." Credit: Intelsat General Corp.
Spengler Intelsat
Intelsat's banner hung from the New York Stock Exchange when the company went public in 2013. Credit: Intelsat
An Ariane 5 rocket carrying the Boeing-built Intelsat-33 and SSL-built Intelsat-36 satellites lift off Aug. 24, 2016. Credit: Arianespace
VA228 Arrivee Intelsat a Felix Eboue le 11/12/2015
Stephen Spengler, CEO, Intelsat. Credit: SpaceNews/Kate Patterson.
Caption: Boeing will build four more 702MP satellites for Intelsat's new high-performance satellite fleet, Intelsat EpicNG.

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