Tarana base node
EchoStar-24/Jupiter-3 SSL Hughes
Artist's rendition of Türksat 4B. Credit: Turksat video still.
4305_VSAT_Global_2018_Banner_300x250_v1 (004)
Pradman Kaul, president and chief executive of Hughes Network Systems, discussed his firm's partnership with Emirati fleet operator Yahsat Sept. 11, 2018 at the World Satellite Business Week conference. Credit: SpaceNews/Brian Berger
Telstar-19 Vantage SpaceX
EchoStar-24/Jupiter-3 SSL Hughes
SGDC-1 Visiona Telebras Viasat
OneWeb Airbus Satellite
EchoStar-24/Jupiter-3 SSL Hughes
Thales FlytLive InFlyt
Hughes Network Systems won a contract to provide milsatcom support for General Atomics Aeronautical Predator B "SkyGuardian" unmanned aerial systems. Credit: General Atomics
Hughes Network Systems announced its development of a fast broadband connection that could even be used by airline customers. Credit: American Airlines
The U.S. Defense Department uses commercial satellite communications to keep in touch with UAV, such as the RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aircraft show here. Credit: Wikicommons
VA229 Remplissage EUTELSAT 65W au S5B le 18/02/2016

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