House appropriator discusses space priorities
Congress passes NASA authorization bill
House appropriators reduce proposed budget for FAA commercial space office
House appropriators partially restore funding for planetary defense mission
House bill trims NASA budget proposal
House Armed Services bill proposes $75 million for rapid space launch activities
House committee questions proposed delay in NASA asteroid mission
House appropriator promises to mark up NASA spending bill on schedule
House Science Committee advances budget reconciliation package
Report calls on government agencies to better coordinate spectrum
Nelson says Artemis plans pending decision on GAO protest
House hearing rehashes longstanding commercial space transportation issues
Lawmakers question Space Force technology investments
House bill would designate space as critical infrastructure
NASA seeking more than $10 billion in infrastructure bill
Beyer seeks funding for NASA in infrastructure bill
Senate passes NASA authorization act
House passes massive defense policy bill by veto-proof majority
Horn eyes space role in Biden administration
Bipartisan group of lawmakers launches House Space Force Caucus

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