Lawmakers ask Biden administration to keep oversight committees in the loop on space activities
House passes two space bills
Former astronaut Mark Kelly wins Senate race in Arizona
Pentagon has not shown COVID stimulus helps small businesses, says HASC chairman
HASC Chairman: Space Force has bigger worries than having to use Navy ranks
House space subcommittee chair still seeking NASA plan for 2024 lunar landing
House passes spending bill with flat NASA funding
House passes NDAA, White House threatens veto
Space Force acquisition management criticized by House appropriators
HASC amendments question space acquisition reforms, challenge DoD plans to procure new systems
HASC Chairman adds $150 million in NDAA for space launch technology development
HASC Strategic Forces advances its section of the 2021 NDAA
HASC strategic forces draft bill presses DoD on space procurements, use of commercial tech
Congress asks for GAO investigation of ISS National Lab
Smith to continue to press for change in national security space launch program

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