NASA Ames Research Center
Arecibo Observatory
Bridenstine shutdown town hall
The Thirty Meter Telescope is one of two extremely large ground based telescopes under development by university consortia that are expected to fill a gap between James Webb Space Telescope and its eventual successor. However, astronomers who are not part of the consortia won’t be able to use them. Credit: TMT International Observatory
“I have a hard time seeing how the Europa lander project continues without Culberson.” Casey Dreier, senior space policy adviser for The Planetary Society. Credit: SpaceNews illustration
SARGE launch
In its 2017 annual report, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory published this chart showing its annual budget and spending on major programs. Credit: NASA
Through GOES Rebroadcast, NOAA transmits full-resolution calibrated images and data to customers, like the images from Harris Corp.'s Advanced Baseline Imager shown here. This is the type of service that could be handled by commercial communications firms in the future. Credit: Harris
Gary Partyka, who works at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center under a contract with Science Systems and Applications Inc., shows a 2017 simulation of hurricanes and aerosols at the 2019 American Meteorological Society conference in Phoenix. Credit: SpaceNews/Debra Werner