News from Global Milsatcom | German Law Impedes Military’s Use of Satcom Bw Spacecraft with Allies


The legal restriction has made it difficult for Germany to take full advantage of its two Satcom Bw spacecraft during operations with allies.

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OHB Taps Astrium To Build a German Radar Satellite and Launch it on a SpaceX Falcon 9


The contract also includes the launch of the satellite aboard a Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) Falcon 9 rocket as part of a longstanding launch reservation Astrium had with SpaceX.

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OHB Signs Contract for Germany’s Next-gen Radar Satellites


OHB AG of Germany on July 2 said it has signed a $1.1 billion contract with the German defense procurement agency for the three-satellite SARah radar reconnaissance system.

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OHB, Astrium To Share Work on German Radar Satellites


The German parliament is scheduled to meet the week of June 24 to approve a billion-dollar second-generation radar reconnaissance satellite system, with spacecraft to be provided by both of Germany’s satellite prime contractors and launches by SpaceX.

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Workshare To be Divided on Germany’s Next-generation Military Radar Satellites


Having waged a fierce battle for contracts in the past, OHB AG of Bremen and Astrium GmbH of Munich have agreed to divide responsibility for the three-satellite SARah constellation.

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Boeing Hires MT Aerospace of Germany To Provide Structures for NASA’s Space Launch System


MT Aerospace will provide large aluminum segments for the main-stage propellant tank of NASA’s SLS.

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Astrium Expanding Its Propulsion Facility in Germany


Astrium is investing 7 million euros to expand space propulsion production facilities in Lampoldshausen, Germany.

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