This image shows early test results for Hawkeye 360's independent geolocation of land-based reference signals. Displays of unprocessed results of multiple signal datasets are on the left. Correlated data revealing the geolocation of all three test emitters are on the right. Credit: HawkEye 360
In April 2017, arms control experts said these Planet images showed where the United States, United Kingdom and France fired missiles on suspected chemical weapons facilities in Damascus, Syria. Credit: Planet
Orbital Insight relies on computer vision and machine learning to derive information from balloon, drone and satellite imagery. Orbital Insight identified aircraft in this DigitalGlobe image. Credit: DigitalGlobe
Geospatial analytics startup PlanetWatchers worked with Airbus Defense and Space Intelligence and a large pulp and paper company to produce a report on early detection of drought and disease in Eucalyptus forests. In the image (right) areas of growth are green. Areas of leaf loss are red. Credit: Airbus and PlanetWatchers
The trajectoryXyzt event in Santa Monica in September will lay the building blocks for commercial efforts at the convergence of geospatial intelligence.
DigitalGlobe image