Military looking for new ways to acquire and use commercial satellite data
Space Force has insatiable demand for geospatial intelligence
Government trying to streamline procurement of commercial space data
Dixon calls for greater transparency and data interoperability
To counter threats, U.S. intelligence community leans on partners
NGA notes advantages of unclassified commercial data
Capella to work with U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Technical Center
NRO establishes licenses and cybersecurity rules for commercial imagery providers
Intelligence agencies seek resilient and reliable commercial tools
ODNI to share unclassified science and technology priorities
Geospatial intelligence companies struggle to educate customers about their capabilities
NRO Director highlights cooperation and innovation
NGA evaluates Hawkeye 360 data through pilot program
Report: Lack of government investment hurting U.S. geospatial intelligence industry
NGA building ‘huge appetite’ for commercial geoint
BlackSky eyes niche role in geospatial intelligence market
SpaceNet launches new challenge with Planet dataset
NGA signs research and development agreement with Capella
COVID analytics puts geospatial industry in spotlight
BlackSky offering geospatial intelligence tools for analysts who telework

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